Olivier Rampnoux

Olivier Rampnoux

Assistant Professor at the European Center for Child Products

CEREGE Laboratory
Institut d'Administration d'Entreprise
Université de Poitiers
Centre Européen des Produits de l'Enfant
186 Rue de Bordeaux
16 000 Angoulême, FRANCE.

Phone :
+33(0)5 45 21 00 11
Email :
olivier.rampnoux (at)

Field of research:

Multidisciplinary approach on the marketing strategies related to industrail children products, alongside with a study of children consumption habits.

Centre Européen des Produits de l'Enfant

Research activities

The "Ludo-Aliment" (playful food)

Member of the ANR/PNRA research project, 2006-2009

Study of the education, hazards and tradeoffs related to the children consumption of "ludo aliments".


Impact of virtual social networks on consumption habits

Member of the research project co-funded by LA POSTE, 2008-2009

Study of the learning process related to consumption habits through virtual social networks and platforms, with 16 to 24 years old people.

Scientific publications

Conferences and round tables

Other publications

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