Math Smashers - a new game by LudoscienceDr. Ludos | 09-11-2017 | 14:19

Back to school! It's time to review your mental calculation skills, and we've just released a video game for that: Math Smashers. It's an arcade game that will challenge both your dexterity and your mental calculation skills.

Each level is made of bubbles floating around. Each bubble holds a number. You play as a "Smasher", a soldier equipped with a grappling hook. Using this weapon, you’ll have to smash bubbles together: their numbers will then add up. Smash bubbles so their numbers match the goal number displayed on top of the screen to earn points!

But beware, if your soldier get hit by a bubble, he’ll explode!


Math Smashers


The game offers a selection of 10 "Smashers" to play with. Each Smasher comes with a different gameplay style: ground infantry - quick but fragile; Tank - though but hard to drive; Plane - a vehicle that can’t stop moving forward; etc.


Click here to play Math Smashers on this website



The game is also available on mobile:


Android (Google Play)


iOS (Apple Appstore)


Amazon App Store


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