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In the past few years, we have been relying on Newsgames to teach our students the basics of Serious Game Design.


Newsgames are a good way to motivate students. First, anyone can have something to say about what is going on in the world. But Newsgames are also small and short games that can be created in very limited time and with very limited skills. Most of out students are not skilled at all in programming, graphics or even game design. But by using tools such as The Games Factory 2, they can build very interesting game in about 3-4 days.


Here are some Newsgames created by our students this year:


L'échapée belle


In L'échapée belle, you play as the captain of the Concordia ship, and must escape from your sinking boat.


La croisère s'échoue


La croisière s'échoue is based on the same news, but this time you'll have the choice to save some passengers. But the time you spend rescuing people may be the time you'll need to save your own life...


Pirates VS FBI VS Sharks



Pirates VS FBI VS Sharks is an humourous game about the FBI closing MegaUpload. You'll have to go to Hong-Kong and infiltrate MegaUpload's datacenter in order to rescue your data without being caught by the FBI.



MegaGame is also related to MegaUpload. This time, you play as Kim Dotcom and his colleagues, and must try to win money without being caught by the FBI.


2012 The Game



Last but not least, 2012 - The Game is a satirical game about the fear of the world ending in december 2012.

You can find all the others Serious Games created by our students in the dedicated section.
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