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A quick update on the website to add some new publications and projects in which we were involved.


Regarding publications, you'll find a couple of posters displayed at the VS-Games 2012 conference to present two ongoing research projects. The first one is titled "TBL3D: Towards Serious Applications for Telescope Maintenance and Control", and presents a Serious Games project about the giant Telescope of a french observatory (download the poster).


The second poster details a quite theoretical work: a framework listing  "game mechanics" and "learning mechanics" so that Serious Games designers can model how "game" and "learning" are related in their games. It's still an ongoing project with our colleagues from the Heriot-Watt university (Edimburg), and the poster is titled "Introducing the Serious Games Mechanics: A Theoretical Framework to Analyse Relationships Between Game and Pedagogical Aspects of Serious Games" (download poster).


Regarding projects, through the Game And Learning Alliance (an European research network dedicated to Serious Games), we worked on a contest to reward the best creations and research works about games for learning : the European Serious Games Awards. The winners were announced recently on the official contest website.


European SG Awards

We also participated in the kickoff the Generic-SG project. It's a french R&D project lasting 2 years that aims to create a platform that would allow university teachers to quickly and simply creates Serious Games for their courses. The project targets any kind of university course (healthcare, science, humanities, law...). This projects involves all the public french universities (through their "technology" department), and should outcome in very interesting results for the field...


Generic SG

As all these projects are still ongoing, we will certainly talk more about them in the future through this blog.


P.S. : The Craftyy's Kickstarter campaign was a success (goal reached with 300$ of surplus), so we are really looking forward for the next version of this tool!


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