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As you may have noticed, these last months have been quiet for Ludoscience. Don't worry, the lab is still running, it's just that we have all been so busy with our current projects, that nobody had the time to actually update the website!


As these projects near completion, in the upcoming weeks we will have new projects to share with you, including... a new book written by all the Ludoscience members!


In the meantime, here is a selection of our activities during the last months:

  • Our book "PlayStation VS Saturn : war of the 32 bits" (in french) that tells the history behind these two popular consoles is now available in all bookstokes.

  • One of our (french-written) articles about the advantages and limitations of Serious Games for education has been published on the French Governement portal for innovation in Higher Education.

  • Julian gave a lecture about "A model to design a course using games as pedagogic tools" during a conference about "games and learning" organized by Université Paris Sorbonne and Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire.

  • Damien gave a lecture about "Serious Games for education" during "3rd workshop on educational technology" organized by the Montpellier School District. A short 3 minutes video summarizing this 50-minutes conference was shot by Ludomag:

  • Damien also gave a lecture about "Serious Games : using video games to express yourself" during the Climate Game Jam, a game design competition centered on games about ecology, organized by the Hakatah association.

And that's all for our main "events" of the past months. Stay tuned for bigger news very soon!

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