Shared Situational Awareness between inland actors at Port of Rotterdam: Improving Shared Situational Awareness by means of a game session Anton Delawari M.Sc. - 2013


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Author(s) : Anton Delawari M.Sc.
Editor : Delft University of Technology
Date : 2013
Lang : Lang


Inland transport is a crucial component for the gateway ports such as Rotterdam. There are different parties involved in the inland transport: forwarders, shipping line agents, shipping lines, sea terminals, inland carriers, etc. To operate effectively and efficiently cooperation and collaboration is required between all involved parties. The claim of this project is that the root of several problems occurring in the container flow can be explained by the low level of Shared Situational Awareness (SSA), the mutual understanding of each others operation which facilitates the decision making process. Literature suggests that level of SSA of the actors involved in the container flow can be increased by playing a serious game, game which focuses on a learning objective rather than on entertainment. This project aims to increase level of SSA in inland transport at Port of Rotterdam by a means of the serious game. Based on the work performed during this project, the session is designed with a serious game as a key element. The target group are the decision makers of the barge operator, truck operator, container terminal and the forwarder, as they are directly involved in inland container transport. Game sessions shows the positive effect of increased SSA on the performances. Further in this chapter the summary of this thesis report is given.
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