L'éthique professionnelle mise en jeu : l?exemple de L'Odyssée Ethique Judit Vari - 2016


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Author(s) : Judit Vari
Editor : Sciences du jeu, 6 | 2016 : L'art en jeu ou le jeu de l'art
Date : 2016
Lang : Lang


In this article, we try to show the links between play and ethics, based on the design of a serious game aimed at training students to the social professions, health and education. This is to meet the innovations of this educational tool in teaching professional ethics and new opportunities it offers, provided, enroll in a pragmatism perspective. First, the article refers to the distinction between ethics and professional conduct to emphasize, building on Dewey, that it is in situated actions that builds professional ethics. In the second part, we present the game in the Odyssey Ethics within the means that we have given to keep a pragmatism horizon in its design. Finally, in a last part, are presented the first results of the experiments of game, led with students in training.


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Keywords : Professional Ethics, Serious Game, Pragmatism, Dewey