Learning Business Process Management through Serious Games: Feedbacks on the Usage of INNOV8 Olfa Chourabi, Tantan Daniel, Lang Imed Boughzala - 2016


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Olfa Chourabi, Tantan Daniel, Lang Imed Boughzala
Editor : Business Informatics (CBI), 2016 IEEE 18th Conference on
Date : 2016
Lang : Lang


Business processes play a major role in the Information System (IS) domain. Business Process Management (BPM) approaches offer languages, methods and tools for modeling, execution and optimizing business processes. However, these approaches are often difficult to understand by the learners. In particular, the modeling phase often remains abstract, not consensual and complex to implement in real settings. In order ato better motivate BPM learners, several BPM's Serious Games (SG) has been developed in recent years. But few studies have evaluated game based educational methods for the BPM learning. This paper presents a feedback on the SG INNOV8 use in BPM teaching. INNOV8's evaluation was conducted within the course: "Information System Design," proposed to Master students. The feedback from the students and teachers were quite positive. Nevertheless, the study shows a low potential of the game for novice students in this field.
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Keywords : Games, Companies, Training, Information systems, Business process management, Graphics, serious games (computing), business data processing