Application of Serious Games in Industrial Contexts Duin, H., Hauge, J. B., Hunecker, F., & Thoben, K. - 2011


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Author(s) : Duin, H., Hauge, J. B., Hunecker, F., & Thoben, K.
Editor : Industrial Contexts. In M. Cruz-Cunha, V. Varvalho, & P. Tavares (Eds.) Business, Technological, and Social Dimensions of Computer Games: Multidisciplinary Developments (pp. 331-347). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1- 60960-567-4.ch020 Application of Serious Games in
Date : 2011
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This chapter describes application areas for serious games in the context of such CNOs. A classification scheme for serious games has been developed based on two different approaches: one based on a process framework, the other one based on a game genome approach. Both are applied on a number of known serious games with the objective to identify uncovered areas and gaps. These gaps represent new opportunities for the application of serious games which has not yet been realized.
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Keywords : Serious Game, Classification, Game genome approach, Virtual Organisation life cycle, Education, Industry