Les jeux: quelle définition par et pour les sciences sociales? Manouk Borzakian - 2012


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Author(s) : Manouk Borzakian
Editor : Journal Loisir et Société / Society and Leisure Volume 35, 2012 - Issue 2
Date : 2012
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For lack of a real definition, comparable to the one of which sports were the object, the conventional said games remain an object to the apparently consensual limits, but in reality, particularly vague. This uncertainty is due to a lack of serious questioning of presuppositions found in Huizinga’s and Caillois’s founding definitions. It does not allow an appropriation of games by the social sciences, with the goal of studying the countless terms of their usage. As a remedy, a much more restrictive and rigorous definition and a consideration on the arbitrary pushing distinction between sports and other games is proposed, using critical readings of classic works on Games, while ignoring dividing lines just as crucial and informative.

References (1): 

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Keywords : Game, Definition, Sport, Appropriation