Vers une ludification personnalisée dans une plateforme d'ancrage mémoriel Baptiste Monterrat, Elise Lavoué, Sébastien George - 2013


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Author(s) : Baptiste Monterrat, Elise Lavoué, Sébastien George
Editor : Actes de l?Atelier« Serious games, jeux épistémiques numériques » Méthodologies de recherche pour l?étude des interactions, EIAH 2013 Toulouse, 28 mai 2013 - p.19
Date : 2013
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Serious games are becoming increasingly important in Education. Generally, the creation of a serious game must take into account both the gaming aspects and the educational aspects from the beginning of the design. An other approach is increasingly used: gamification. It allows to add fun aspects to an already existing application. In addition, players have different sensitivities regarding the use of some games dynamics. The environment also has an influence on the game dynamics that can be used. For example, some contexts allow

interactions between the learners, and others do not. For this reason, we are interested in personalising the gaming parts of the application, in order to adapt it to the user profile as a learner, to his/her preferences as a player, and to his/her learning context. Our initial proposal is based on the “Projet Voltaire”, an application to learn French spelling. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide a generic gaming layer that could be integrated with existing educational applications.


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Keywords : Gamification, Personalisation, Memorisation, Help