Improving Democratic Awareness and Participation in the European Elections by means of Digital Narrative-Based Learning: a Research Agenda Gaëlle Pellon, Julian Alvarez, Joan Pere Plaza i Font - 2017


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Author(s) : Gaëlle Pellon, Julian Alvarez, Joan Pere Plaza i Font
Editor : EDULEARN17, Serious And Educational Games Session, Barcelone, 3-5th July 2017
Date : 2017
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Based on the FEPES project (First European Parliament Elections Simulator), this paper seeks to contribute to the growing field of research and experiments dealing with political sciences digital games. Awareness and democratic participation to the European union are significant and critical social issues. Digital narrative-based learning offers a means of raising citizens’awareness and in engaging them in participating to the democratic life of the European Union. An online survey was conducted in order to examine students’, coming from different fields of study, experience in serious gaming and their knowledge on the European Parliament.

The findings of the study provide insight for further studies as well as for the design of narrative-based learning systems.





Keywords : Serious Game, European Parliament, Political sciences digital games, Game