Projection Mapping Gaming Julian Alvarez - 2019


Support : Publications
Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : in SCHMITT, D., THEBAULT, M., & BURCZYKOWSKI, L. (2019). L'image au-delà de l'écran : le video mapping, ISTE Editions, LONDRES, (ROYAUME-UNI),
Date : 2019
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Nowadays, large LED and OLED technology displays offer game experiences. As a result, the use of video projection must now be justified through other experiments. In this respect, the projection mapping trail is a path to explore. This chapter explores whether this is an area that can really be a privilege for video projection. It first defines what we mean by projection mapping game, and then identifies the main types of video mapping games and specifies the associated technologies. The chapter examines if the projection mapping game linked to rear projection presents a technological lock with regard to the screens. At the same time, it leads readers to question whether video projection really makes it possible to distinguish projection mapping from video games. From the Augmented Climbing Wall to the display on building facades, there is a change of scale that the projection mapping game is able to cross.

Keywords : Video game, Video mapping, Screens, Retrogaming