Ludo Pedagogy ? Why use it? Julian Alvarez - 2020


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : Immersive Factory
Date : 2020
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Ludo Pedagogy – Why use it?

Ludo Pedagogy is a pedagogical method that uses games or serious games. The simple fact of using games or serious games into a pedagogy, inscribes us in edutainment. Let us specify, however, that there are several ways of using games in a pedagogical framework. Thus for Yvan Hochet, we can teach "with", "by", "about" and "around" the game (Hochet, 2013). In a modern edutainment approach, the challenge is to teach "with a game" and less "by a game". The nuance being that in the case of "teaching by a game", we are in the idea of using a game as a pretext: "if you do your exercise well, you will be able to play a game". Whereas when we try to teach "with a game", we use the game as...



Keywords : Serious Game, Ludopedagogy, Education, Gamification