Emergence of the ?gameplay? term in the English-speaking and French-speaking video game culture sphere in the 20th century Julian Alvarez - 2022


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : Sciences du jeu / Laboratoire EXPERICE - Centre de Recherche Interuniversitaire Expérience Ressources Culturelles Education
Date : 2022
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The present study aims to verify the emergence of the terms « game play » (in one word) and « gameplay » (in two words) within the framework of the Anglophone and Francophone video game cultural sphere. Starting from the writings of Wikipedia who sees the origin of these words associated with the mention « How the game plays ? » which would have appeared on the first coin-op arcade games, we are conducting an investigation of a corpus of more than 1,800 English and French-speaking documents, notably from the video game press between 1976 and 1994, by associating a lexicometric approach. In parallel are consulted heterogeneous documents dating from 1864 to 1982. That includes technical manuals, photographs associated with mechanical and electromechanical devices as well as US and Japanese video game arcade games. This research work will lead us to propose another history linked to the emergence of the terms « game play » and « gameplay ».

Keywords : gameplay, game play, video game, lexicometry, emergence, coin-op arcade Games, History of video game