Introducing pupils to robotics & computer science: when mediating materials impact the teaching action's grammar Katell BELLEGARDE, Julie BOYAVAL et Julian ALVAREZ - 2022


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Author(s) : Katell BELLEGARDE, Julie BOYAVAL et Julian ALVAREZ
Editor : STICEF, Volume 28, 2021 Article de recherche
Date : 2022
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ABSTRACT : This paper presents a comparative study of cognitive mediations between pedagogical devices dedicated to introduced robotic/ computer science to last section of kindergarten learners. The ludo-pedagogical session “Blue Bot” used for the experimentations was declined in three modalities: the body, the robot and digital tablets. This study highlights how mediator instruments influence acts of teaching through the identification of professional gestures, postures and conceptions.

KEYWORDS : Educational robotics, cognitive mediation, activity analysis, klast section of kindergarten, teacher acts, professional gestures and postures.

Keywords : Educational robotics, Cognitive mediation, Activity analysis, Last section of kindergarten, Teacher acts, Professional gestures and postures