Introduction au Serious Game / Serious Games: an Introduction Julian Alvarez, Damien Djaouti - 2012


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez, Damien Djaouti
Editor : Questions Théoriques / CCI Grand Hainaut
Date : 2012
Lang : Lang


The Serious Game concept connects video games with the opportunity to broadcast messages, provide training, or enable data collection. Many different market segments make use of such games, including: training, health, defense, communications, politics, etc. The authors present their definition of Serious Games, recount its history, identify the major market segments involved, present key games, and determine whether Serious Games represent a technological innovation or a change in video game usage. Finally, the book gives voice to more than 60 representatives involved in the Serious Games sector: developers, consultants, designers and customers.

Keywords : Serious Game, Serious Gaming, Serious Play, Simulation, Video games