De l'utilité de l'appellation « Serious Game ». Le jeu est-il l'apanage du divertissement ? Damien Djaouti - 2014


Support : Publications
Author(s) : Damien Djaouti
Editor : Interfaces Numériques, pp.409-429, Vol 3/3
Date : 2014
Lang : Lang


In order to contribute to the analysis of the “disseminations of video games”, this article attempts to examine the “Serious Game” designation itself. Our study relies on a corpus of texts aiming to define what a “Serious Game” is, alongside with a corpus of video games matching its definition. We will begin with a study of the historical origins of the “Serious Game” designation, in order to identify what it refers to, and why it is used today. Using these elements, we will then try to discuss the underlying purpose of the “Serious Game” designation, and how it might challenge the current definitions of “game”.

Keywords : serious game, video game, definition, history, purpose, impact