La Bible PC Engine - volume 2 : les CD-ROMs Collectif - 2012

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La Bible PC Engine - volume 2 : les CD-ROMs

Author(s) : Collectif
Editor : Editions Pix'n Love
Publication date : 10-30-2012
Language : french French

This bible is dedicated to the PC Engine home console (also known as TurboGrafx 16). This second volume starts by telling you the story of how this console arrived in France, alongside with the story of studio RED, the creators of the famous "PC Kid" game. But the main part of the book is a full listing of every game ever released for this console on the CD-ROM format (more that 400 games). Each game is presented with a screenshot alongside with a small text describing it. A reference book for anyone interested by the PC Engine.


Keywords : history, pc engine, turbografx 16, cd-rom, bible