Concevoir un serious game pour un dispositif de formation Béatrice Lhuillier - 2011

Serious Games

Concevoir un serious game pour un dispositif de formation

Author(s) : Béatrice Lhuillier
Editor : FYP Editions
Publication date : 06-03-2011
Language : french French

Unlike what is stated in its title ("how to design a serious game for training courses"), this book doesn't explain how to design a Serious Game, but how to hire someone to create a Serious Game for you (i.e. how to be an "aware client" regarding Serious Games). After a short definition of what a Serious Game is, this book details very clearly the different ways to integrate a Serious Game inside a training course (advantages of Serious Games, how they work with other methods...). The book then explains the different steps an "aware client" must take to successfully manage a Serious Game project: defining the serious content and the pedagogical objectives, choosing a studio who will create the game, evaluating and assessing the project... Besides its mismatching title, this book fulfill its objective quite successfully: the content of the book is backed by the professional experience of the author in Paraschool, a french company specialized in Serious Games. A book recommended to anyone who want to hire professionals to create a Serious Games for him/her.


Keywords : serious game, ordering, client, project management