Jeux vidéo : hors de contrôle ? - Industrie, politique, morale Olivier Mauco - 2014

Studies & Analysis (videogames)

Jeux vidéo : hors de contrôle ? - Industrie, politique, morale

Author(s) : Olivier Mauco
Editor : Question Théoriques
Publication date : 02-04-2014
Language : french French

This book deals with the public scandals that struck video games in France since the 80's. The author begins with an analysis of the public image of video game players broadcasted by the industry-produced ads, and compares it to the way general media dealt with video games. It actually sown the seeds for a moral crusade against video games, such as the one conducted by the Familles de France association. The book then studies the reasons, the details, and the outcomes of this famous episode of the French history of video games. An interesting and well documented book, to read alongside with previous attempts on this topic such as Qui a peur des jeux vidéo ? and l'Histoire des jeux vidéo polémiques


Keywords : politics, industry, moral, scandal