Les jeux vidéo, ça rend pas idiot Yann Leroux - 2012

Studies & Analysis (videogames)

Les jeux vidéo, ça rend pas idiot

Author(s) : Yann Leroux
Editor : Fyp Editions
Publication date : 11-10-2012
Language : french French

This tiny book (100 pages in a pocket format) is full of wisdom and expert analysis about a delicate topic: are videogames dangerous?  In this book, Yann Leroux, a psychologist specialized on this subject, provides us with a excellent synthesis of all the scientific studies that happened about the effects of violent videogames and the addiction to videogames. This synthesis is written in a clear and simple language, and we thus strongly recommend this book to any parent, teacher, politician, journalist who is worried about the growing importance of videogames in our society. Far from being an evangelist, the author achieves to bring some strong and proofed elements that can reassure us about videogame violence and addiction. No, videogames are not drugs. No, playing GTA won't magically transform you in a mass murderer. At worst, videogames can reveal a previously existing psychological and/or social issue on players. The main merit of this book is to finally be able to provide a thoughtful answer to the numerous mediatised storms that struck videogames, without any real scientific foundation, and thus without being able to start some real and constructive debate on this topic.



Keywords : addiction, violence, psychology, simple, parents, reassuring