Developing Serious Games Bryan Bergeron - 2006

Serious Games

Developing Serious Games

Author(s) : Bryan Bergeron
Editor : Charles River Media
Publication date : 02-09-2006
Language : english English

A book aiming to guide you through the different steps of the Serious Game creation process. Unfortunately, and despite its more than 450 pages, this book fails to deeply explore this topic. On one hand, the author wastes too many pages covering topics not directly related to the creation of Serious Games, such the various computer standards or an overview of the technological trends in 2006. On the other hand, the author doesn't go enough into the details when covering the central topics of the book, such as how to design Serious Games and the recommended tools to create them. Not everything is bad in this book though. It features a lot of Serious Games examples coming from various applications domains, and it allows the reader to quickly browse over many topics both directly and loosely related to their design process.


Keywords : serious games, examples, design