Understanding Interactivity Chris Crawford - 2000

Game Design (design)

Understanding Interactivity

Author(s) : Chris Crawford
Editor : Chris Crawford
Publication date : 01-01-2000
Language : english English

The first (self-published) edition of a book later know as "The Art of Interactive Design". This book deals with the topic of interactivity from an overall point-of-view. Its 400 pages are divided in 4 parts. The first one is dedicated to the fundamentals concepts of interactivity. The second one provides many design tips using real-world examples of successful and flawed applications interfaces. From these examples, the third part lays down a general theory of interactivity, completed by an historical perspective of the software industry in the fourth part (including the way it gathers programmers and artists). While this book is rather theoretical and general, it contains the seeds of the two excellent books of the author focused on the design of video games and interactive storytelling applications. Today, this book will mainly interest people looking for the core of the general and theoretical approach to interactivity developed by Chris Crawford: thinking in "action verbs."


Keywords : interactivity, design, theory