La Bible Game Boy Collectif - 2013

History of videogames (encyclopedia)

La Bible Game Boy

Author(s) : Collectif
Editor : Editions Pix'n Love
Publication date : 11-28-2013
Language : french French

This bible focuses on the Game Boy portable console from Nintendo, in its "classic" version (black and white games) . The first part of the book tells a detailed history of this console with a lot of pictures, and also presents the various Game Boy models: the original one, the "colored" versions, the Game Boy Light, and a lot of limited editions. The second and main part of the book is dedicated to a list of every "black and white" game cartridge ever released for this console. Each one of the 1300 games is presented through a couple of screenshots alongside with a small description text. It's a reference book for anyone interested in the Game Boy.


Keywords : bible, history, encyclopedia, game boy, nintendo