Designing an Agile Game for Technical Communication Classrooms Matthew Beale - 2016


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Auteur(s) : Matthew Beale
Editeur : SIGDOC '16 Proceedings of the 34th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication Article No. 17,Silver Spring
Date : 2016
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This technical paper details the development of a board game designed to help technical communication students understand scrum-based agile project management, as well as assist practitioners in introducing scrum management to a team unfamiliar with the process. I ground the development and design of the game with a literature review of scholarship on agile project management, games in education and business, and collaboration. I present my methodology in the form of a game design document (GDD), while at the same time also interrogating its usefulness, and implement Jesse Schell's game design methodologies to frame the rules, mechanics, goals, and experience intended by my design decisions. I conclude by turning to a series of critical game design lenses Schell provides to discuss the intents and purposes of the game at its current prototypical stage.


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Mots-clés : Board game, Design, Scrum, Education, Méthodologie, Game Design