Gameplay Bricks Model, a Theoretical Framework to Match Game Mechanics and Cognitive Functions Grégory Ben Sadoun & Julian Alvarez - 2022


Support : Publications
Auteur(s) : Grégory Ben Sadoun & Julian Alvarez
Editeur : Games and Culture / Sage Publication
Date : 2022
Langue : Langue


This article investigated whether it is possible to establish correspondences between game mechanics and particular cognitive stimulations. There are many challenges to prevent and treat cognitive decline with aging or neurocognitive disease. Observing difficulties to establish such correspondences in the scientific literature, we proposed to move away from “classification by genre” or any other type of taxonomy that deviates from the framework of the “Rules/Formal schemas” and the “set of rules” component of the gameplay. Thus, we proposed the Gameplay Bricks model as a theoretical framework for Video Game (VG) and Serious Games (SG). We jointly relied on a framework on fractionated executive functions, memory, and attention. The Gameplay Bricks model currently identifies 14 major Metabricks (game mechanics) through seven Metabricks of obligations and seven of prohibitions. We have proposed first correspondences accompanied by examples from the VG-SGs. The limits and perspectives of these first matches were then discussed.

Mots-clés : video games, serious games, game mechanics, cognitive functions, executive functions