The Ultimate History of Video Games Steven L. Kent - 2001

History of videogames (overall history)

The Ultimate History of Video Games

Author(s) : Steven L. Kent
Editor : Three Rivers Press
Publication date : 10-02-2001
Language : english English

One of the best book ever written about the history of video games. Over more than 450 pages, the book explores the American history of videogames with a great deal of details: the beginnings with Spacewar!, the rise and fall of Atari, the arrival of Nintendo, the birth of the ESRB alongside the Nintendo-Sega war, etc. It also focuses on several important trials related to video games: the Atari-Ralph Baer case for the paternity of video games, the Universal strike to Donkey Kong over King-Kong copyright infringement, the impact of the Columbine tragedy, etc. This book is an absolute must-read for anyone interested in the history of video games.



Keywords : history, united states, trials