Replay : The History of Video Games Tristan Donovan - 2010

History of videogames (overall history)

Replay : The History of Video Games

Author(s) : Tristan Donovan
Editor : Yellow Ant
Publication date : 04-30-2010
Language : english English

Alongside with "The Ultimate History of Videogames" and  "La Saga des Jeux vidéo", here is without a doubt the third must-read book for anyone who want to have a global view on the history of videogames. The authors starts from the early games up to nowadays, and tells the story of the most important games and machines thanks to interviews with their creators. The added value of this book compared to the two previous ones is the fact that, in addition to tackling classical topics (Atari, Nintendo-Sega), the book focuses on the history of videogames in Europe, and more specifically in the United Kingdom and in France. Easy to read and deep, this book is recommended for all of you!


Keywords : history, united kindgom, france, europe