The One Fork Restaurant - a new game from the lab!Dr. Ludos | 12-26-2013 | 14:37

It also christmas here at Ludoscience, and to celebrate this holiday we are happy to release a new videogame!


The game is called "The One Fork Restaurant". It's a tiny game created in 48h for the Ludum Dare 28 competition, on the theme "You Only Get One." The game takes place in a restaurant where many customers are coming to eat, but unfortunately the restaurant has only one fork! So the customers have to share this fork in order to eat their meals, but they aren't really patient...


The One Fork Restaurant - Gameplay

You move the fork from one customer to another by clicking on them. The patience of each customer (represented by the gauge below them) slowly decreases when they are waiting for the fork. Each customer must eat his whole bowl before running out of patience. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to swap the fork before each customer finishes his meal, if you want them to stay in your restaurant.  You'll get points each time a customer complete his meal. You are allowed five "unhappy leaving customers" before encountering the game over screen.


The game, created in Flash, is freely playable directly on our website or freely downloadable for Android (download link at the bottom of the page) in case you want to play it on a touchscreen! And if you are seeking for challenge, the current game record is 1360 points ! (made by Mrs. Ludos, again!)




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