Aesthetic experience and the interface in digital games The production of an edutainment game - Moon Cristiano Natal Tonéis - 2012


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Cristiano Natal Tonéis
Editor : Revista Tecnologia e Sociedade
Date : 2012
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In this research, we present one of the principal aspects of games. The interfaces or better knew by the acronym HUD’s (Heads-Up Display). We are going to show the succinct evolution in the history of games suffered by them as well as the advance in their production in order to amplify or affect positive the immersion in digital games. We emphasize forms and ways of developing what we consider an intelligent interface (Boschetti, 2001), in order to help the INDIE developers we are going to use and present some techniques from the major productions as well as showing examples and evolutions of game Lua – our game prototype. 


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Keywords : Interface, Aesthetic experience, Edutainment game