The evolution of advergames development: A study in the Netherlands Floor Aarnoutse, Linda Peursum, Fabiano Dalpiaz - 2014


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Author(s) : Floor Aarnoutse, Linda Peursum, Fabiano Dalpiaz
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Date : 2014
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Despite our exposure to advergames, and studies about their effects, we know very little about the other side of the coin, i.e., advergames developers. In this paper, we report on a study of advergames development companies in the Netherlands. After deriving statements concerning the advergames market through three interviews, we cross-validate these statements with eight companies. Several statements are statistically significant, including the following: advergames are increasingly becoming cross-platform; the technological platforms for developing advergames have changed considerably; an increasing number of clients demand social media components in their advergames; budgets for advergames will increase; the intermediary role of advertising companies will become less prominent; companies will make more strategic choices regarding advergames; advergames that can be played for an extended period of time will become more popular and ensure customer loyalty.
References (1):
D. Djaouti, J. Alvarez, J.-P. Jessel, O. Rampnoux, "Origins of serious games" in Serious Games and Edutainment Applications, pp. 25-43, 2011, Springer. 

Keywords : Customer loyalty, Netherlands, Advergames development companies, Technological platforms, Social media components, Advertising companies