The affiliation between student achievement and elements of gamification in learning science - 2016


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Editor : Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT), 2016 4th International Conference on, IEEE
Date : 2016
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Gamification is a new form of approach that is being looked into in the world of education. With its game elements that relates to the needs of the current generation of users whose life is entangled in the world of technology. Yet the use of technology is not a one size fits all deal; thus it is important to identify how certain gamification elements influences students. This is vital point that needs to be understood before endeavouring further into the infusion of gamification in education. When achievement in academics is a norm in traditional learning; it thus becomes the benchmark of the students when it comes to assessing the level of their understanding. Therefore it is important in understanding the affiliation between student's achievement and gamification elements. A mixed method research was carried out with a group of 29 students in a secondary school in the southern Malaysian state of Johor. The subject chosen for this research was Science. The findings showed that game elements helped change the perspective of students when it came to learning with the help of technology; especially game elements. Most students related to badges as motivational push to strife harder in learning as it can be used a qualitative form of reward, as opposed to points and leader board. Despite this, there were students whom found that other gamification elements were relevant to their learning process as well. Hence, the importance of each game element is key in making gamification based learning a success.
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Keywords : secondary school, student achievement, gamification element, science learning