Serious Games for Large-Scale Image Sensing Bruno Simoes, Michele Bianchi, Alberto Debiasi, Raffaele De Amicis - 2015


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Author(s) : Bruno Simoes, Michele Bianchi, Alberto Debiasi, Raffaele De Amicis
Editor : 5th International Conference, SGAMES 2015 Novedrate, Italy, September 16?18, 2015, Springer
Date : 2015
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The access to large-scale imagery datasets has been a signifi- cant obstacle to the success of many applications in application domains that range from 3D modelling to augmented reality, and from infrastructure inspection to urban planning. Although large collections of images already exist, from sources such as Bing Maps, Google Street View, and many photo-sharing sites, they are incomplete, inaccurate and expensive. A solution to this problem could be to leverage on large end-user communities to collaboratively acquire and share information about their surroundings. In this paper, we outline some basic mechanics in serious games that can be explored for the purpose of data collection. Additionally, we describe new ways of guiding players’ actions towards the purpose of our game – image and video crowdsourcing.


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Keywords : Serious games methodologies, Participatory sensing