Analysis and classification of serious games for cognitive stimulation Nadia Akma Ahmad Zaki, Tengku Siti Meriam Tengku Wook, Kartini Ahmad - 2015


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Author(s) : Nadia Akma Ahmad Zaki, Tengku Siti Meriam Tengku Wook, Kartini Ahmad
Editor : Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI), 2015 International Conference on
Date : 2015
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Serious games are an emerging technology that is growing in importance, providing benefits beyond pure entertainment in order to improve the users' realistic experience. Nowadays, there is increasing concern for people with cognitive troubles. Their cognitive capabilities could be improved so they can lead a better life. Serious games have great potential in stimulating cognitive abilities for different target audiences via multiple devices. Classifications of serious games should help increase our understanding of the user, technology, and functions as well as point out existing gaps that could be filled. However, there is not much research concerning classifications of serious games for cognitive stimulation. In view of this, we have identified certain criteria from the common classification of serious games and provided an overview on a selection of serious games for cognitive stimulation based on literature research, which is done by extracting and summarising common categories used to classify serious games. Further, the information gained from these classifications would be useful in identifying the potential of serious games and enhance their impact on the field.
References (1): 
D. Djaouti, J. Alvarez, "Origins of serious games", Serious Games Edutainment Appl., pp. 1-22, 2011. 

Keywords : Serious games, Classification, Analysis, Cognitive stimulation