Os Jogos de Guerra na Academia Militar Aspirante Aluno de Cavalaria Fernando Chalana Azevedo Fernandes - 2015


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Author(s) : Aspirante Aluno de Cavalaria Fernando Chalana Azevedo Fernandes
Date : 2015
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The technological accompaniment of defence partners it’s a currently crucial issue in Portugal. It is mandatory walking side by side with the technologically most advanced countries in order to accomplish this purpose. The Military Academy, such an excellence school forming Army’s and National Guard’s officers, carry in its shoulders high responsibilities to provide a future commander’s competent formation. Is required to cadets, future commanders, to be professionals, dominating all areas of military knowledge. Similarly they should adapt themselves to new technologies and extract the maximum income of them. Simulation reveals in this field, a fundamental piece of development of the necessary cadets´ skill, namely the military decision making. The wargames goal is contribute to a better comprehension of military domains, such Tactics. Thus in this investigation essay, looking know, how wargames can serve to transmission of tactics knowledge to Military Academy's Cadets.


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Keywords : Simulation, Wargames, Tactics, Military Teaching, Military Making-Decision