Serious games: history and future Liljamo Pyry - 2016


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Author(s) : Liljamo Pyry
Editor : Kajaanin Ammattikorkeakoulu University of applied sciences
Date : 2016
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After the turn of the century, video games have risen up to the level of the largest mainstream entertainment mediums, now even challenging the movie industry in size. Even though the area occupied by serious games in this market has only just recently really started growing, with serious games still being only a relatively small portion of the video games market, has the idea of using games as tools for education and training been the target of continuous interest for at least the last four decades. The fact is that video games themselves are already based upon the foundation of learning. The player is constantly being fed more information on rules, routes, strategies, everything that may be of use in beating the game. Many games are simulations, abstract versions of physical, real life elements and the benefits of mastering the rules and restrictions they include can, with appropriate guidance, be directed back to reality. It would indeed seem that video games are the natural step forward in education and in distributing information. The goal of this thesis is to map out the history of serious games, all the way from their ancient forms as board games to the modern video games and simulations of the 21st century. Another objective here is to examine what the wide spectrum of serious games includes and how they are used in the military, education, health care etc. The chapter about these areas of application will also go through the benefits offered by serious games in these environments, as well as challenges concerning their development and usage. The end of this thesis also includes a short chapter considering the future prospects of serious games, which focuses on mobile learning and future demands of the industry in terms of what skillsets are required. The references are gathered from a wide variety of academic books, articles and blog posts made by game researchers and professionals.


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Keywords : Video games, Serious games, Simulations, Simulate, Educational games, Edutainment, Health games, War games