Serious gaming: From learning experience towards User Experience Céline Le Marc, Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Marc Pallot - 2010


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Céline Le Marc, Jean-Pierre Mathieu, Marc Pallot
Editor : Technology Management Conference (ICE), 2010 IEEE International
Date : 2010
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A number of existing innovation paradigms and design approaches such as Open Innovation (Chesbrough, 2003), User Experience (Hassenzahl & Tractinsky, 2006) and User Centred Design (Von Hippel, 2005), as well as User Centred Open Innovation Ecosystem (Pallot, 2009a), are promoting distributed collaboration among organisations and user communities. However, project stakeholders are mainly trained for improving their individual skills through learning experience (i.e. practical exercises, role playing game) rather than getting a live user experience through immersive environments such as Virtual Worlds and Serious Games. In a previous empirical study, a serious game, called Cosiga, was used for simulating and evaluating physically collocated team and virtual team performance (Riedel et Al, 2007). This paper introduces the results of a study on games which discusses various aspects of games and explores a number of issues related to the use of serious games in the context of collaborative innovation and Living Labs. It is foreseen that serious gaming would considerably enhance individuals learning experience for team collaboration through live team user experiences in the context of collective activities such as collaborative innovation in a Living Lab environment. Reversely, Living Lab experiential service platforms could be dramatically improved by serious gaming services in which users could be immersed for live experiences.
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Keywords : Experiential Service Platform, Serious Game, Learning Experience, User Experience, Living Lab, User Co-Creation, Collaborative Distance