RDU accompaniment model applyed to serious game : confrontation with the ecosystem of secondary education Julian Alvarez - 2017


Support : Publications
Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : Dans Numérique & éducation Dispositifs, jeux, enjeux, hors jeux sous la direction de Philippe Bonfils, Philippe Dumas et Luc Massou, Questions de communication, série actes 34 / 2016, PUN - Editions Universitaires de Lorraine, p.83-93
Date : 2017
Lang : Lang


Summary. – This study addresses the issue of the appropriation of the Serious Game as technical object, by offering a model identifying a set of accompaniments to promote such a process. This model, called RDU, presents three main types of accompaniments: Realization, Dissemination and Use. Together, they comprise fifteen types of distinct accompaniments. The purpose of this study, after describing its development, is to experience on the field this RDU model applied to the Serious Games. The selected field is the ecosystem of secondary education. This choice of ecosystem is motivated by the fact that the social appropriation of the Serious Game is not fully observed there to this day. Thus, by this approach, the objective is to verify if we get a consistent result between data collected both from the field and the RDU model. The field study is complemented by academic work to confirm the identified indicators.

Keywords : Accompaniment, Appropriation, Ecosystem, Education, School, Serious Game, Model