Mise en jeu de la production aux usages d?un jeu sérieux. Le cas d'une entreprise du secteur du jeu vidéo Victor Potier - 2014


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Victor Potier
Editor : Sciences du jeu, 2 | 2014 : Questionner les mises en forme ludiques du web : gamification, ludification et ludicisation
Date : 2014
Lang : Lang


The differences between game and labor are culturally defined. According to places and cultures, those activities are similarly described as rational layouts of resources to achieve some specific goals, by following rules located into well-structured environments – although more and more complex and less defined. For all that, despite of the proximity of these abstract concepts, the process of gamification promotes a brand new model of engagement into the activity, inviting workers to explicitly play the job. More specifically, we will discuss the case of a French video games studio in Strasbourg in which we conducted a participating observation at the end of a serious game production. Through the observation of the different ways for the game to occur, we will explore the game as cooperation, as commercial argument and as product. In this way, the process of gamification can be understood as a boundary object from the workers to the public targeted by the serious game; while showing the limits of linking the company and the market.


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Keywords : gamification, Ludification, Gameplay, Labor, Serious games, Activity, Cooperation