Le designer de jeux vidéo comme agent d'évolution à l'ère du jeu casual Laureline Chiapello - 2015


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Laureline Chiapello
Editor : Sciences du jeu, 4 | 2015 : Evolution des jeux : catalyseurs, mécanismes et agents
Date : 2015
Lang : Lang


This article aims to demonstrate the importance of video game designers as agent of progress. This work is based on a study whose main purpose is to better define casual games while using the video game designers' professional knowledge. During the course of the study, it became clear that the game design practices have been evolving over time. Due to the scarcity of existing information on the role of designers in the scientific literature, it seemed appropriate to explore this lack. The results show the presence of an intriguing phenomenon: the problems related to casual games seem to have a direct impact on the role the designers play; and this role is critical to our understanding of the evolution of video games.


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Keywords : video game design, design practice, designer role, professional knowledge, instrumental player, casual game