The serious game in work integration: A comparative study between conventional method and edutainment method M.L. Ndao, D. Gilibert, J. Dinet - 2017


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : M.L. Ndao, D. Gilibert, J. Dinet
Editor : Psychologie du travail et des organisations (2017), ScienceDirect
Date : 2017
Lang : Lang


This article focuses on a comparative study between conventional methods and serious games, and their impact on learning and motivation. Two hundred and fifty-one jobseekers including 130 enjoying an edutainment and 121 enjoying a conventional counseling, participated in the study. In addition, we conducted 157 interviews with counselors of professional insertion that accompanied these jobseekers. Our results show a significant difference between serious games and conventional method. Indeed, serious games enable better learning and a stronger motivation than conventional methods and positive impact on jobseekers’s professional insertion. 

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Keywords : Serious game, Insertion, Motivation, Learning, Unemployment