Data visualizations inspired by a game and the design by disengamement Stéphane Goria - 2016


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Author(s) : Stéphane Goria
Editor : La visualisation des données, Les Cahiers du numérique 2016/4 (Vol. 12), Lavoisier
Date : 2016
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Now, there are many kinds of design corresponding to cases of inspiration, use or adaptation of a game to reach a serious purpose. The best known are the serious games. We give in this paper few examples of data visualizations inspired by a game that we can store in the categories of: serious game, serious gaming, game with a purpose, gamification or disengamement. After, we focus on disengamement case and we discuss in more detail about it to explain its principles in the context of an information display. Finally, we illustrate its principles with the case of disengamement of the board game Risk in the context of a map design to show the evolution of the automotive market in Europe.


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Alvarez, J., & Djaouti, D. (2010). Introduction au serious game. Questions théoriques.  

Keywords : Serious Game, Design, Data visualizations, Gamification