A Serious Game for the development of the professional skills of operators in aseptic zone : definition of a holistic model of design and usage studie Maria Antonietta Denami - 2016


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Maria Antonietta Denami
Editor : École doctorale Sciences humaines et sociales ? Perspectives européennes (Strasbourg) , en partenariat avec Laboratoire interuniversitaire des sciences de l'éducation et de la communication (Strasbourg) (laboratoire)
Date : 2016
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Serious games (SGs) are a very widespread training and evaluation device, employed in different sectors of school and adult education. In this study we aim to design and develop a SG for training and evaluating personals working in aseptic environment. We will present in this research the theoretical basis needed for that design process. We will define a holistic and united model (PEGADE), which describes the collaborative and optimal process to conceive SGs and which is constructed around a new professional figure, the Pedagogical Game Designer (PGD). A study of the effectiveness will be performed in order to understand how competences can be developed through the SG and which are the differences between this device if compared with traditional training used for similar purposes. We will propose as well an evolution of the instrumental conflict theory, which is one of the foundations of this thesis. That one will constitute the basic for a new method of usability test applied to every learning tool using ICTs.


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Keywords : Serious game, Serious game Design, Simulation, Gamification, Instructional Design, Virtual Reality