Navigating Video Games: Studying Spatial Representations and Practices of Video Game Players Hovig Ter Minassian, Samuel Rufat, Samuel Coavoux, Vincent Berry - 2011


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Author(s) : Hovig Ter Minassian, Samuel Rufat, Samuel Coavoux, Vincent Berry
Editor : L?Espace géographique 2011/3 (Tome 40)
Date : 2011
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While video games have become a major cultural practice, we still know little about the diversity of the video game audiences and their practices. Identifying the main issues in the reticularization of the territories in which video game are used, and rising above normative debates on violence and addiction, requires a multidisciplinary approach, at the interface between social and cultural geography, and the sociology of cultural practices. The analysis of video games as spatial systems enable an understanding of the interaction between the different levels of video game practices, and refocuses study on the players themselves.


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Keywords : Cultural practice, Network, Space, Territory, Video game