Requirements Engineering for Pervasive Games Based Smart Learning Systems Yemna Mejbri, Maha Khemaja, Kaouther Raies - 2016


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Yemna Mejbri, Maha Khemaja, Kaouther Raies
Editor : In: Popescu E. et al. (eds) Innovations in Smart Learning. Lecture Notes in Educational Technology. Springer, Singapore
Date : 2016
Lang : Lang


The overlap of different features of pervasive games based smart learning systems (PGBSLSs) including the ludic aspect, the pervasive aspect and the educational aspect adds complexity to use requirements at design time and Runtime. Many methodologies and frameworks that make use of requirements models can be found in the literature, but very few of them use ontologies to ground the models that are used in PGBSLSs development. We propose in this paper a semantic model in the requirements engineering process in order to improve the development of PGBSLSs.
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Keywords : Pervasive games, Smart Learning, Requirements Engineering, Ontology