A adoção de aplicações informáticas com características de jogos online: Uma perspetiva no setor do e-banking em Portugal Luís Filipe da Silva Rodrigues - 2016


Support : Références scientifiques
Author(s) : Luís Filipe da Silva Rodrigues
Editor : Lisboa University, Departamento de Ciências e Tecnologias da Informação
Date : 2016
Lang : Lang


The online game's commercial success and the influence on user behavior, led us to consider developing applications with games features in order to investigate which variables and features that could influence in e-banking adopting. The topic of games and business, lead us to a main research question, "What is the impact of computer applications with game features in e-banking?", and two other questions, "Which elements, characteristics or variables of games on e-banking with gaming features?" and "What is the methodology and control processes to implement a project of gamification?". To answer these three questions, we conduct a research spanning five studies: (1) investigates the adoption of customers to a business application gamifies, by testing an explanatory model of adoption of a business application of the investment fund management. We conclude that the gamification has strong influence on socialization, which in turn has a strong influence on intention to use and this in business impact; (2) investigates the adoption of customers in the e-banking gamified, by testing a new explanatory model of influence of gamification, design and characteristics on adoption of e-banking. We conclude that the gamification positively influence all dimensions, in particular has a strong influence on intention to use; (3) tests a new conceptual model resulting from the aggregation of 1 and 2 studies, concluding that the utility, pleasure and the web pages characteristics positively influence the intention to use and accordingly positively influence the business. The gamification and socialization, don't directly influence positively the intention of use, however the gamification have a strong positive influence on socialization and this has positive, strong influence on utility and pleasure; (4) investigates which elements and characteristics that influence the use of e-banking. Using discussion groups, was developed a model with the most relevant factors in an application gamified, and were identified the elements and characteristics considered important in development; (5) investigates the development processes and methodologies. It was developed a framework called 5PMG, which defines five basic steps to follow in the management of business projects in gamification. In summary, we have developed a new explanatory conceptual model for the adoption of gamification in electronic business, identified the gamification as new dimension that influences the adoption of the e-banking, the elements/features perceived as essential in applications, and propose a new project management framework that contributes to the increased success of gamification in e-business. In this way, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of the gamification in e-banking.


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Keywords : e-Commerce , Gamification, Online games, Software development, Information technology, Web design, Technology acceptance, e-Banking