The Gamification of Numeric Médiat The Development of Specialised Online Games for Libraries Thierry Robert, Claude Ayerdi-Martin - 2012


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Author(s) : Thierry Robert, Claude Ayerdi-Martin
Editor : Documentation et bibliothèques, Volume 58, numéro 2, Avril/Juin 2012, Association pour l'avancement des sciences et des techniques de la documentation (ASTED) ISSN 0315-2340 (imprimé) 2291-8949 (numérique)
Date : 2012
Lang : Lang


The numerous changes occurring in the field of knowledge challenge information professionals to reflect on possible alternatives in order to preserve the traditional mission of libraries. At a time when the use of numeric media is increasing in libraries, one observes an increase of the ludic possibilities available on the Web. Designated by the term gamification, this tendency is part of a larger trend that sees libraries as an intellectual playground where alternative learning is highlighted. Using this approach over the last two years, we developed several online games for numeric media. Whether it is with catchline games, media games or more serious games, online games are powerful means of motivation when promoting goods and services. 

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Keywords : Gamification, Libraries, Games, Serious games, Media games, Online games