A serious game for speech disorder children therapy Cagatay M., Pinar Ege, Gul Tokdemir, Nergiz Cagiltay - 2012


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Author(s) : Cagatay M., Pinar Ege, Gul Tokdemir, Nergiz Cagiltay
Editor : Conference: Health Informatics and Bioinformatics (HIBIT), 2012 7th International Symposium on, DOI: 10.1109/HIBIT.2012.6209036
Date : 2012
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Today meaning of games is much more serious than just considering them as an entertainment and free-time activity. Games have begun to be used in many different areas such as education, healthcare, military, corporate management and public policy for different purposes. Several benefits of serious games have been reported in the literature. Studies also show that with a combination of entertainment and education (edutainment) several benefits could be achieved in the rehabilitation process of the disordered individuals. This study reports the advantages of 3D game environments for speech and language therapy of children and benefits of making the treatment process accessible from anywhere and anytime are demonstrated.


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Keywords : Serious game, Health, Health game