Creative Evolution of Digital Leisure Culture, Serious Games Hye Rim Lee, Eui Jun Jeong - 2013


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Author(s) : Hye Rim Lee, Eui Jun Jeong
Editor : DOI: 10.5392/JKCA.2013.13.12.048
Date : 2013
Lang : Lang


At the dawn of a new digital era, people`s way of spending their leisure time and leisure activity preferences changed. Accordingly, Leisure culture is in the midst of change, such as watching movie and performance, enjoy golf etc. Due to its nature as an interactive medium, the digital game offers uniquely different approaches to the leisure activity. Leisure as state of mind is much more subjective in that it considers the individual`s perception of an activity. In that regard, we used the digital games for leisure activity. Digital games are powerful environments for fun, including functional nature. For that reason digital leisure culture keep creative evolving. This paper proposes a serious games as a branch of digital games that meaningful digital leisure, and introduced the concept of serious games for a serious purpose other than pure entertainment. Many recent studies have identified the benefits of using serious games in a variety of purposes. Games technology is fun and entertaining for people of all ages. Ultimately, serious games become meaningful and valuable performance tools as the Digital Leisure Culture.
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Keywords : Serious game, Digital game